My experience in the wonderful world of carnal pleasure started many years ago. As I always loved to dance, I made my debut on the stage as a professional stripper. My lucky star always being with me, I had wonderful encounters that contributed to my personal development and the growth of my confidence and self-esteem. I feel great gratitude for all those people who have played a role in my development. I really see this transition as a flower that blooms, finally sharing its beauty with the world. Being insatiably curious, I quickly began exploring the various types of services and determined what I am comfortable in offering. So, little by little, I learned to know myself well enough to define what I like to share with my accomplices. This led me to become an independent provider, thus, giving me the freedom to ally myself with those souls who share my vision of carnal pleasure. Just before going solo, I had the privilege of being able to perfect myself in one of Montreal’s most prestigious sensual massage places: Mascarade!

It was during these eight wonderful years that I had the chance to further refine my therapeutic massage technique. Following the acquisition of Esalen® massage’s basics at the Esalen® Institute in Big Sur, California, I have been able to use my knowledge and improve my skills since then and eventually reaching a level where I’m told my hands work magic! Simultaneously, I seized the opportunity to develop myself in the art of sensuality through massage; sensuality that today I sublimely embody.  

I continue following this path for my love of personal well-being, my joy of caring for others and my great sensitivity. If, like me, you believe in a truly authentic exchange in which we whole-heartedly accept the other, if you wish to take care of your needs and be pampered and that you luxuriate in the extraordinary sensations the body can offer us, here’s my suggestion: Succumb to Eve’s Temptations!


Oh! You’d like to give me a little something? Know that I appreciate as much giving as receiving. I am also always touched and surprised when I am offered a gift. Besides, I love surprises!!!

However, if for you it is important to be sure to match my tastes, here are some suggestions. If you come to our saucy date with a bottle of bubbles (except Veuve Clicquot) or a Cabral 10 or 20 y.o. I will definitely be on cloud nine. In the wonderful world of perfumes, my favourite remains Terre d’Hermès.  Personally, if I could at any time of day or night be dressed in lingerie, I would be thrilled. Softness and delicacy fit me like a glove. Although I ask you to take off your shoes upon arrival, you will notice that I proudly wear my high heels.

And if you’re in a rush, an adorable gift card will delight me (Seduction, Victoria’s Secret, Il Bolero, Desigual, Sexy & Cie).