Moving songs, a relaxing ambiance seduction and passion sets its bite into you. My soft hands explore your tense body, lying on my table, slowly, tenderly relaxing you. My fingers delicately find the knots still hidden inside you. Increasingly your senses are aroused. You’re letting go of all the stress and daily life’s pain, only the magic of my hands remain. Then, my body slithers onto you, my voluptuous breasts rub against your back in your mind’s eyes you see the infinite possibilities. Suddenly, your blood rushes into your manhood. My hands leave your back and find another focus until we reach cloud 9. The best of both worlds!

200 / 1h
280 / 1.5h
360 / 2h
+80 / 0.5h add’l


A delicious dinner in an amazing restaurant; an evening where we take the time to discover, play, seduce and have fun with each other; a whole night spent enticed, entwined, pampering and spooning; then a titillating awakening to well start the day with a tasty breakfast. Let the magic begin!

2000 / night

Add-on to the Experience

Social Time (in public, no intimacy)

I have a social component that appreciates greatly discovering delicious dishes from Montreal’s famous restaurants (or elsewhere). So I’ll be delighted if you wish to start our rendezvous with a delicious meal at the restaurant cheered up with a playful conversation.

40 / 0.5h
80 / 1h
+40 / 0.5h add’l

Genuine Therapeutic Massage (no intimacy)

Would you like to add 30 or 60 minutes of authentic therapeutic massage? Just mention it to me when you contact me.

40 / 0.5h
80 / 1h