It has been some time since you want to explore the pleasures of the flesh otherwise. The prospect that a professional joins you both awakens your curiosity. It’s at once attractive, reassuring and disturbing. You know what you want to live, but not quite. Together, I am listening to you, I put you at ease quickly; we tame each other. Then, the discovery begins and you remember how these little games of seduction are a delight. Each of us enjoys this exploration; each of us feels included and respected in this erotic sharing. Everything seems so natural and you are pleasantly surprised. It is even better then what you expected!

500 / 1.5h
600 / 2h
+100 / 0.5h add’l


A delicious dinner in an amazing restaurant; an evening where we take the time to discover, play, seduce and have fun with each other; a whole night spent enticed, entwined, pampering and spooning; then a titillating awakening to well start the day with a tasty breakfast. Let the magic begin!

2000 / night

Add-on to the Experience

Social Time (in public, no intimacy)

I have a social component that appreciates greatly discovering delicious dishes from Montreal’s famous restaurants (or elsewhere). So I’ll be delighted if you wish to start our rendezvous with a delicious meal at the restaurant cheered up with a playful conversation.

40 / 0.5h
80 / 1h
+40 / 0.5h add’l

Genuine Therapeutic Massage (no intimacy)

Would you like to add 30 or 60 minutes of authentic therapeutic massage? Just mention it to me when you contact me.

40 / 0.5h
80 / 1h